Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme introduced at DF Mediation

The Civil Mediation Council aims to reintroduce a fixed fee scheme for cases under £50,000 in value.  DF Mediation aims to become a member of that scheme when it launches later this year.  To demonstrate our commitment to assisting parties in their disputes we will honour the following fees from 19 August 2020.

Amount of ClaimFees (per party)Session Length
Under £5,000£75 +VAT1hr – Video or Telephone Mediation only
Under £5,000£125 +VAT2hrs – Video or Telephone Mediation only
£5,000 to £15,000£320 + VAT3hrs – Video or in-person mediation
£15,000 to £50,000£445 +VAT4hrs – Video or in-person mediation
Multi-Track Cases over £50,000Starting at £750 + VAT8hrs – Video or in-person mediation
Each additional hour charged at £100 +VAT per party
Fixed Fee Scheme prices

The Ministry of Justice used to run a fixed fee scheme which, for some reason, was closed in 2019. A free telephone mediation scheme is run by the small claims team, though once the fixed fee scheme closed there was a gap for disputes which fell outside of the small claim criteria. To provide the public with a cost affective alternative to litigation we have introduced this fixed fee scheme which will mirror that which the Civil Mediation Council is set to introduce.

Please note the fixed fee scheme is only applicable to disputes under £50,000 value and involving no more than 2 parties. For disputes outside of these criteria please see our standard fees page.

John-Paul is the principal mediator at DF Mediation and is registered and accredited by the Civil Mediation Council. To discuss the news brief please contact us here

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