Mediation Services

Which disputes do we cover

Civil & Commercial Mediation

We cover all aspects of civil-commercial disputes. The size of money involved is irrelevant as the ideas behind mediation and conflict resolution are as applicable to a small claim as they are to multi-million pound deals*.

Workplace Mediation

Problems in the workplace are perfectly amenable to mediation and in many cases the employer will cover the costs in order to settle a dispute without recourse to litigation.

We also offer a pre-dispute package where an employer can engage us prior to important decisions being made/announced enabling us to act as an interface between employer and employee to reach an outcome suitable to all.

Neighbour disputes

Disputes between neighbours are particularly common and of all types of legal dispute they are the least attractive to take to court. Some neighbour disputes may involve a complex area of law in which judgment by a court is required, but generally speaking it is far better for all concerned to achieve a resolution outside of court.