Full day (8 hours) £750.00 + VAT per party
Half day (4 hours) £500.00 + VAT per party
Online Dispute Resolution1
Full day (8 hours) £600.00 + VAT per party
Half day (4 hours) £400.00 + VAT per party
Small Value Mediation2
3 hours £300.00 + VAT per party
Mediation Information Meeting3
1 Hour £100 + VAT per party
Additional Hourly Rate
Per Hour £75.00 + VAT per party

All fees include reasonable preparation time of up to 3 hours pre-reading by the mediator. For a more complete breakdown of fees please visit our fee information document here.

  1. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is remote mediation which takes place via a secure web chat facility such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Until Further Notice all mediations will be conducted in this manner to observe social distancing and ensure all parties feel safe. More information on ODR can be found here.

  2. Small Value Mediation is always conducted online or over the telephone – it is suitable for claims up to £8,000 in value and for simple two-party disputes

  3. Mediation Information Meetings are an opportunity to explore mediation. At the end of the meeting a certificate will be issued detailing the areas covered so that in the event of the dispute going to court a party may demonstrate they gave real consideration to mediating the dispute. For more information click here.


A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the mediation session

It is usual for each party to pay its own costs, however, on agreement the parties can follow a different arrangement (such as one party paying the full mediation fee).

Should a mediation not result in settlement of the dispute the court may count the costs of mediation as recoverable ‘costs in the case’ which would have the effect that the party who receives judgment in their favour (the winner) may recover their costs.

Parties will be invoiced once a mediation is booked and payment must be made in full prior to the mediation session